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L'Homme Dérangé

Eugene Binder Gallery, 2013 (Marfa, TX)


"L’Homme Dérangé" = “man, deranged.”


Georgiou’s videos are compelling, confrontational, and ingeniously crafted. In the video Love Crime, she takes lyrics from various pop songs about love and creates a “poem” from these quotations.


Divorced from their original context, these lyrics become more explicit about sex and less metaphorical about love. In the video, the artist repeats each uncensored lyric fragment and is then visually censured. This tug of war of makes manifest the divergence between what is deemed acceptable behavior in representations of women in popular entertainment, and the behavior actually condoned by contemporary social norms for real women.


Georgiou’s video Bunny Hole takes viewers in a completely different direction as the character in the video. The artist takes on the identity of a fading icon of sexuality, initially appearing disheveled, uneasily seductive, and simultaneously repulsive.

As the video continues, the character deteriorates into a maudlin but threatening caricature inhabiting a less than glamorous environment.


Georgiou’s larger video installation creates a dreamlike environment within the exhibition space that questions its representation of itself, inviting existential queries about the real and the imagined, the sensory and the cerebral. These edgy, thought-provoking works, through their direct and unsuperfluous production values, portray larger social and philosophical questions.


L’Homme Dérangé, featured the work of Danielle Georgiou, Hillary Holsonback, and Katherine Alexander.

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