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The University of Texas at Dallas

Ph.D, Humanities-Aesthetic Studies, 2018

Dissertation: Pizzicato Porno, Dirty Filthy Diamonds, and NICE: Devised Dance Theatre Productions

Areas of Research: Dance Theatre, Modern Dance History, Performance Art, German Expression in Film, Dance, and Visual Art, Avant-Garde and Experimental Theatre Practices


The University of Texas at Arlington

Master of Arts, Political Science, 2008

Thesis: The Politics of State Public Arts Funding

Areas of Research: Art Funding, Arts Education, Public Policy, Federal and State Funding for Education and the Arts


The University of Texas at Arlington

Bachelor of Business Administration, International Business/French, 2006

Graduated with Honors                                          



Solo/Small Group Exhibitions (selected)

2022:                           Refuge, The MAC, Dallas, TX

                                    Art 214, Latino Cultural Center, Dallas, TX

2021:                           Together, The MAC, Dallas, TX

                                    She/Her/They/Them, Incuarts, online exhibition

2020:                           Area 3, Dallas Aurora, Dallas, TX

                                    Insomnia, Repetitive Notes, online work

2018:                           Delta, Greater Denton Arts Council, Denton, TX

                                    Sideshow, Ro2 Art, Dallas, TX

                                    Women of Ro2 Art, Ro2 Art, Dallas, TX

2017:                           Vignette, Texas Women’s Caucus for Art, Women’s Museum, Dallas, TX

                                    The Steps Leading Up But Also Down, Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas

2015:                           Edinburgh Art Festival, GARAGE Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

                                    Small Works Member Show, Ro2 Art, Dallas, TX

                                    365, Magnolia Theatre (with Ro2 Art), Dallas, TX

2014:                            #hashtag, Women and Their Work, Austin, TX

2013:                            L’Homme Dérangé, Eugene Binder Gallery, Marfa, TX

                                     Berlin Becher, Berlin Glas, Berlin, Germany

2012:                            I’m Looking Through You, Horton Gallery, New York, NY


VIDEO ART/FILM WORK – (selected)

2022:                        Salt Bone

                                       Official Selection: Mobile Dance Film Festival

2021:                        The Purity Ball

                                    Best Director: Vesuvius International Film Festival

                                    Best Dance Short: Phoenix Shorts

                                    Official Selection: Cyprus International Film Festival “Golden Aphrodite,” A Lyte in the Dark

                                    Finalist: Cult Movies International Film Festival

                                    Semi-Finalist: Rotterdam Independent Film Festival

                                 Things Missing/Missed

                                    Official Selection: Berlin International Art Film Festival, Frame of Mind, Toronto Film and Script Awards, 5th Logcinema Theatre                                      on Film, Toronto Film Magazine Fest

                                    Best Feature: Medusa Film Festival

                                    Best Script: Vesuvius International Film Fest

                                    Best Music: Vesuvius International Film Fest

                                    Exceptional Merit: WRPN Women’s International Film Festival

                                    Finalist: Cult Movies International Film Festival

2020:                        The Savage Seconds, official selection, Frame of Mind (KERA/PBS)

                                  51 Days in Quarantine, official selection and awarded the Visionary Award, kNOwBOX dance Short Series

2018:                         Salt Bone, official selection, WomenCinemakers Biennale 2018

2013:                         Eating Out For Dinner, official selection, Oak Cliff Film Festival

2012:                         Iterations, official selection, Dallas Video Fest (collaboration with Mike Morris and Julie McKendrink)

2011:                         Love Crime, official selection, Short Films Competition, Texas Theatre

2010:                         Roam

                                      Official Selection: Women In Film/SAG’s Chick Flicks; Hub Shorts Film Festival: Dance for Camera; Dallas VideoFest

                                  One On One, dir. Luis Fernando Midence; official selection: New York City International Film Festival



Artistic Director Positions

2011-present:               Artistic Director/Choreographer, Danielle Georgiou Dance Group

2019-2022:                   Associate Artistic Director, Undermain Theatre


Dance – Company Positions

2018-2021:                   Collaborator, Very Good Dance Theatre

2012-2015:                   Company Member, DekaDance

2011-2016:                   Company Member, Contemporary Ballet Dallas (now Ballet Dallas)

2014-2017:                   Choreographer, Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet

2011-2012:                   Guest Artist, Richland College

2010:                            Showcase Artist, National Performance Network

2008-2011:                   Collective Member, Muscle Memory Dance Theatre


The Danielle Georgiou Dance Group (Dance and Theatre)

Selected Performances/Livestreams/Films

2022:                            The Waiting Room (dance film)

2021:                            The Bippy Bobby Boo Show: Again! Again!, Theatre Three (co-production)

2021:                            Stronger Than Arms, Undermain Theatre (co-production)

2021:                            Things Missing/Missed (digital performance)

2020:                            The Bippy Bobby Boo Show: 2020 Call-In Special (live stream)

2020:                            The Savage Seconds, a feature-length film

2019:                            The Bippy Bobby Boo Show, Theatre Three (co-production)        

2018:                            Just Girly Things, Festival of Independent Theatres

2017:                            Things Missing Missed, Dallas Public Library      

2017:                            Donkey Beach, Hamon Hall, Winspear Opera House

2017:                            War Flower, Bath House Cultural Center

2016:                            SWARM, Dallas Public Library

2016:                            Pizzicato, 17th International Theater Festival

2015:                            The Show About Men, Festival of Independent Theatres

2014:                            NICE, Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre

2014:                            Dirty Filthy Diamonds, Margo Jones Theatre

2013:                            What This Is Not About, Bath House Cultural Center

2012:                            Elegant Ghost, Teatro Dallas

2011:                            Love and Vice, Teatro Dallas


Festivals and Commissions

Selected Performances

2022:                             Sunsets No Sleep, Aimed Summer Dance Festival, Beaumont, TX

2019:                             Without A Body, Houston Fringe Festival, Houston, TX

2018-2019:                    Run of Show, Houston Fringe Festival, Houston, TX; Theorist Fest, Austin, TX

2018:                             Dances with Whales, Aurora Dallas, Dallas, TX

2018:                             Fending, 254 Dance Fest, Waco, TX; Dallas Dances, Dallas, TX; Dance Co-Op, Arlington, TX

2015-2017:                    Chatter, Dallas DanceFest, Dallas, TX; 254 Dance Fest, Waco, TX

2016:                             War Flower, 254 Dance Fest, Waco, TX; Exchange Dance Festival, Tulsa, OK

2015:                             Social Studies and Other To-Dos, Aurora Dallas, Dallas Arts District

2013:                             Pizzicato Porno, Rouge Fringe Festival, Fresno, CA; Texas Biennial, San Antonio,

2011:                             Love Stoned…wasted, Exchange Dance Festival, Tulsa, OK

2010:                             Roam, National Performance Network’s Annual Conference


Theatre (Dallas and Fort Worth, TX)

Selected Productions – more available upon request

2022:                            Intimacy Choreographer, Between Riverside and Crazy, Stage West Theatre

2022:                            Choreographer, High Five, Kitchen Dog Theater

2022:                            Director, The Do-Over, Pup Fest, Junior Players/Kitchen Dog Theater

2022:                            Director/Choreographer, Stede Bonnet: A F*cking Pirate Musical, Theatre Three

2021:                            Director/Choreographer, Scrooge in Rouge, Stage West Theatre

2020:                            Co-Creator and Choreographer, The Naughty List, Moonrise Initiative

2020:                            Choreographer, The Children; Dir. Kara-Lynn Vaeni, Stage West Theatre

2020:                            Choreographer, Madame Bovary; Dir. Bruce DuBose, Undermain Theatre

2020:                            Choreographer, House on Mango Street; Dir. David Lazano, Cara Mia Theatre

2020:                            Choreographer, Slide By; Dir. Jake Nice, Elevator Project 

2019:                            Choreographer, The Thanksgiving Play; Dir. Bruce DuBose, Undermain Theatre

2019:                            Intimacy/Movement, Reykjavík; Dir. Kara-Lynn Vaeni, Kitchen Dog Theater

2019:                            Movement Director, Office Hour; Dir. Jenny Ledel, Circle Theatre

2019:                            Co-Director, so go the ghosts of mexico, part 3; Undermain Theatre

2019:                            Choreographer, The Manufactured Myth of Eveline Flynn; Dir. Kara Lynn Vaeni, Theatre Three

2018:                            Choreographer, Everybody; Dir. Jake Nice, Stage West Theatre

2018:                            Choreographer, Once; Dir. Marianne Galloway, Theatre Three

2018:                            Actor, Shakey Jake+Alice; Dir. Katherine Owens, Undermain Theatre

2018:                            Choreographer, Three Sisters; Dir. Katherine Owens, Undermain Theatre

2017:                            Choreographer, Adding Machine; Dir. Blake Hackler, Theatre Three

2017:                            Choreographer, so go the ghosts of mexico, part two; Dir. Katherine Owens, Undermain Theatre

2016:                            Choreographer, DP92: Dir. Thomas Riccio, Dead White Zombies

2014:                            Dancer/Actor, El Conde Dracula; Dir. Matthew Posey, Ochre House Theatre

2013:                            Actor, (w)hole; Dir. Thomas Riccio, Dead White Zombies

2012:                            Actor, Flesh World; Dir. Thomas Riccio, Dead White Zombies


Theatre (New York, NY)

2018:                            Movement Consultant, Lonesome Blues; Dir. Katherine Owens, York Theatre


Film/Commercials/Music Videos

2022:                            Intimacy Coordinator, Obsession, Dir. Nathaniel Aron, short film

2021:                            Featured Extra, Spinner, Dir. Anne Fleitas, short film

2020:                            Choreographer, Rejoice, Dir. Andrew Ryan Shepherd, music video

2019:                            Choreographer, Christus Ad Spot, Dir. Roger Peters, commercial

2019:                            Featured Extra, Final Dress, Dir. Christie Vela, feature film

2019:                            Actor, About Face, Dir. Thomas Riccio, short film

2019:                            Actor, All My Waking Hours, Dir. Christian Vasquez, short film

2016:                            Actor, Bring The Thunder, Dir. Robert Anthony, music video

2014:                            Featured Extra, Lover Girl, Dir. Jason Reimer, music video

2013:                            Featured Dancer, Disco Queen, Dir. Matt Cooper, music video


 2011-Present               Eastfield College, Mesquite, TX

                                     2012-present: Professor of Dance (2012-2015, Visiting Scholar)

                                     2019-present: Professor of Visual Arts (art appreciation)

                                     2018-present: Professor of Humanities 

                                     2012-2020:     Program Coordinator, Dance

                                     2017-2018:     Interim Associate Dean, Arts and Communication

                                     2011-2012:      Adjunct Professor, Dance


2019                             Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX

                                     Guest Artist, Theatre (Movement Specialist)


2007-2015                    University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, TX

                                      2012-2015:      Director of the UTA Dance Ensemble

                                      2007-2015:      Instructor of Record, Dance


2010-2012                     University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX

                                       Teaching Assistant, Humanities and Arts


2009-2012                      Richland College, Dallas, TX

                                       Adjunct Professor, Government


SERVICE WORK – (selected)

2022:                            Performer, Family Pride Day, Resource Center, Dallas, TX

                                     Director, Junior Players/Kitchen Dog Theater, Dallas, TX

2021:                            Dance Guest Artist, W.T. White High School, Dallas, TX

2020:                            Dance Guest Artist, Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Dallas, TX

2018-2019:                   Co-Director, Musical Theater, SummerStage, Dallas Theater Center

2015-2019:                   Great Create at the Nasher Sculpture Center; Dallas, TX

2017:                            Series of Public Dance Theatre Workshops, Dallas Public Library

                                     Dance and Visual Art Workshop, University of North Texas Art Galleries

2016:                            Illusion and Disillusion, commissioned performance by 29 Pieces and The Sixth Floor Museum for the Pulitzer Centennial

2014-2016:                   School of YES, Oak Cliff Cultural Center, Cara Mia Theatre

2015:                            The Way You Move: dance workshop, Dallas Museum of Art; Dallas, TX

2014:                            Dance Theatre Workshop, Big Rig Dance Collective Co-Op

                                     Contemporary Dance Workshop, Dance Council of North Texas

2013:                            AIDS Outreach Center Benefit Concert, Texas Christian University



2022:                            Aimed Summer Dance Festival, Featured Teacher

2021:                            Texas Dance Improvisation Festival, Featured Teacher

2019:                            Texas Dance Improvisation Festival, Featured Teacher

                                     World Dance Alliance Americas, scholarly presentation

2018:                            Art and Success, Vignette Art Fair, panelist

                                     Exploring the Texas Creative Ecosystem. New England Foundation for the Arts Dallas Conference, panelist                  

2015:                            Arts and Culture from the Artists’ Perspective, (D Magazine), panelist

2014:                            Arts and Culture from the Artists’ Perspective, (D Magazine), panelist

2012:                            What the #$%& do you do with an art degree?, panelist

                                     1.2 Million Stories: State of the Emerging Arts, panelist



2020, 2017, 2015:         Best Dance Troupe, Dallas Observer (Editor’s Choice)

2017:                             Special Support Grant, Donkey Beach, City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs

2016:                             Best Dance Company, D Magazine (Reader’s Choice)

2015:                             Best New Play/ Musical, The Show About Men, Dallas Fort Worth Theater Critics Forum Awards

2015:                             Outstanding Creative Contribution: Choreography—The Show About Men and

                                      NICE, Dallas Fort Worth Theater Critics Forum Awards

2015:                             Special Support Grant, The Show About Men, City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs

2015:                             Named a Forward Thinker by TheaterJones 


PUBLICATIONS – (more examples available upon request)

The Sixth Position—columnist for TheaterJones

Dance Critic—TheaterJones, Dallas Morning News, KERA’s Art and Seek

Georgiou, Danielle. The Politics of State Public Arts Funding. Germany: VDM Verlag, 2008.



Greek – Conversational

French – Basic




Dance Council of North Texas

World Dance Alliance


National Dance Education Organization


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