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Dr. Danielle Georgiou is a first-generation Cypriot-American visual artist working in performance, dance, film, sculpture, and installations. Her work incorporates pop culture references and mechanically mediated techniques to explore contemporary gender dynamics, the personal nature of identity, and puzzles found in exploring vulnerability, deformity, and beauty. The resulting growing body of work is organized around transforming images of the self and producing unique and individualized portraits. Her visual artwork has been exhibited nationally in Texas, New York, California, and Florida and internationally in Crete, Scotland, Germany, Canada, Italy, and Cyprus.


Danielle has been an artist in residence Mudhouse Residency (Crete, Greece), Dallas Public Libraries (Dallas, TX), and CentralTrak (Dallas, TX), and has written for The Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer, Art&Seek, and TheaterJones.


In 2011, she started the Danielle Georgiou Dance Group (DGDG), an ensemble-based dance theatre company that produces stage performances, site-specific/public performances, and educational workshops. Through her dance work, Danielle is exploring the interplay of performative elements and collaborative techniques to elicit a response from the audience. Danielle is the former Associate Artistic Director of Undermain Theatre, and is currently a Professor of Dance, Humanities, and Visual Art at Dallas College-Eastfield campus.


Danielle is represented by Ro2 Art and is based in Dallas, TX.

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