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My Island Home

a collaboration with Jill Foltz, Tabitha Pease, and George Quartz

part of HARAKIRI: To Die For Performances (2012), curated by Danielle Georgiou

At CentralTrak (Dallas, TX)

Performers: Danielle Georgiou Dance Group, Sally Glass

Choreography: Danielle Georgiou

Live Music: George Quartz
Islands: Tabitha Pease

Furniture and Main Space Concept: Jill Foltz

Small Room and Hallway Design: Danielle Georgiou

"Liberating dancers, thespians, poets, auteurs, photographers, painters, and sculptors from their respective 'normative' modes of exhibition, HARAKIRI explores in conversation the process of creation, fostering in the participating artists a 'curiosity for discovering new ways to notate [their] movement work.'" - Brentney Hamilton, Dallas Observer

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