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Official selection for the 2014-2015 Solo Exhibition Series at Women and Their Work (Austin, TX)

To read the exhibition catalog, click HERE.


"...Georgiou explores femininity and the psychological effect of social media on perceptions of the female body...Some of the pictures are sexual in nature, others appear almost distorted, as if her butt is disconnected from her body...The selfies and the belfies are a nod to the trend of chronicling of every single moment and thought on social media, a stream of global consciousness that often gets loosely organized into a Twitter trendline (and often into cultural conversations and debates about the value and power of hashtag activism)...The show serves as a tangible illustration of the conversation we keep finding ourselves having. How does a hashtag spark debate or foster community among women? How can it affect individual self-identity and self-worth?" - Sofia Sokolove, CultureMap Austin


"Georgiou is able to simultaneously create a comfortable and uncomfortable space by using the familiar facets of everyday life in unfamiliar ways. She is inviting and vulnerable, but is able to conjure, through knowledge and experimentation, a feeling of intimacy and strength." - Jonathan Murthy, Austin Woman Magazine 


"The photograph and, in a sense, curation have come down from their pedestals and into the public realm. The connotations of both have shifted from notions of the documentary or presentation of facts to something manipulated to serve the purposes of the author. There's plenty to glean from the exhibition about ideas of the body and, if not feminism, then at least what it is to be female now in light of pop culture and social media." - Seth Orion Schwaiger, The Austin Chronicle

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