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An environmental installation: silk, tulle, voile fabric, beanbag chairs, sand, salt, tv screens.
Greater Denton Arts Council, invited by Brick Haus Collective

The site was built to evoke a feeling close to that of Plato's Cave while also invoking memories of childhood play, maturation, and the ephemeral quality of memories.

The path to enlightenment is painful and arduous, says Plato, and requires that we make four stages in our development.

  • Imprisonment in the cave (the imaginary world)

  • Release from chains (the real, sensual world)

  • The ascent out of the cave (the world of ideas)

  • The way back to help our fellows.


The videos in this installation were filmed on the island of Cyprus in 2017. At the time, it had been 7 years since I had returned home to visit my family and the change in the island that I saw instantly made me feel like a stranger in my home country. This work reflects that feeling of displacement and desire to reclaim my history by surrounding an environment with the sights, sounds, and soft textures of my island home. 


Viewers are invited to sit inside the cave, feel the softness of the fabric as they listen to the waves crash against the shore. Disappear into the sand and feel the crystals of salt under their feet and in their hands as the dancer runs in circles through a salt lake.  

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