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Installation and Performance
Odyssey Studios (Dallas, TX)

What's mine is mine, and always mine. My body. My voice. My thoughts, ideas, opinions. We walk on eggshells no longer. 

Inspired by the words of Mary Shelley: "Beware; for I am fearless, and therefore powerful." MINE was created by Danielle Georgiou and the performers to create a place full of strength. A place where the light is their own, never to be diminished again by outside influences, and men.

Performed and Created Collaboratively by Danielle Georgiou, Kelli Howard, Sarah Mendez, Marlo Mysliwiec, and Alondra Puentes

Environment Created Collaboratively by Danielle Georgiou and Lori Honeycutt

Assistance from Niels Winter, Gabby Leodiou, and Justin Locklear

Photos by Zach Huggins

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